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The original ‘Enhancing the digital student experience’ cards have been updated to incorporate the findings from the HE Digital Student consultation and also from the emerging findings from the FE Digital Student project.

These ‘Digital Student’ cards are designed to support conversations about students’ digital experience. As someone who works with students and/or who enables digital change, you know that conversations are critical to making things happen. The cards can provide a prompt to start a conversation, or a tangible reminder you can leave behind. Conversations might arise informally or you could arrange for a group of people with a common area of interest to get together. You could also use the cards as a checklist (“How are we doing here?”) or a planning tool (“What should we prioritise next?”) but remember that they are not designed for comparison with other institutions: they are designed to help you think about what is happening and what could happen at your own.

When you use these cards you can be confident that the questions have been tested out and that the ideas have been tried in practice: there are more detailed ‘good practice’ examples here (link to exemplar case studies). But you will still need to listen and get feedback from people in your own setting to know what is really happening, how well you are meeting students’ expectations and needs now, and what you can do to build their digital expertise for the future.

The updated card text in PDF format, and suggestions on how the cards might be used, is here.

To download the updated cards, click on the  title of the card:

  1. How are we managing students’ expectations of the digital environment?
  2. How do we prepare students to study in digital settings?
  3. How do we give students a sense of belonging to the (digital) institution?
  4. How good is the access we offer to hardware and networks?
  5. How good is the access we offer to software and services?
  6. How effective is our guidance and support for students’ use of digital technologies?
  7. How are we supporting students to use their own devices and services?
  8. How are we embedding digital experiences into the curriculum?
  9. How are we building the digital capabilities of student-facing staff?
  10. How are we preparing students for digital workplaces?
  11. How do we ensure an inclusive learning experience with technology?
  12. How do we find out more about students’ digital experiences and expectations?
  13. How do we engage students in developing the digital environment?
  14. How well are we approaching these issues at the strategic level?

Old cards: Double-sided, postcard-sized colour files for download and printing.
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