Welcome to the web pages for the Jisc Student Digital Experience Tracker.

Following a successful pilot with 24 institutions in 2016, the Tracker is now available to a further tranche of institutions as an open beta pilot, running from September 2016 to July 2017.

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To apply for your institution to be part of the open beta pilot, please go to the application page. If you applied to be part of the original pilot – whether successful or not – you are warmly invited to apply again.

The Guidance for institutions using the Tracker is still available from the initial pilot phase. Please be aware that this Guidance is being updated for the current pilot, and there will be some changes. For example there will be more customisable questions, the question set will be slightly revised, and there will be a third Tracker (in addition to versions for HE and FE and Skills learners) for specialist online providers to use with their learners. However, after very positive feedback, the overall workflow will not change. If you are applying to run the Tracker for a second time you will find the process and the data set to be substantially the same.

You can find out more about the process and outcomes of the Initial Tracker Pilot project (March-July 2016) on this web site, or jump straight to the (anonymised) findings from the 24 pilot institutions and a presentation summarising the headline messages.

The 7 institutional case studies from the pilot institutions are available here.

More about the Tracker
The Student/Learner digital experience Tracker allows universities, colleges and skills providers to:
• gather evidence from learners about their digital experience, and track changes over time
• make better informed decisions about the digital environment
• target resources for improving digital provision
• plan other research, data gathering and student engagement around digital issues
• demonstrate quality enhancement and student engagement to external bodies and to students themselves

The prototype Tracker is based on a concise set of questions which have been intensively tested with HE and FE students for readability and ease of response. It builds on resources such as the Jisc/NUS Digital Student Experience benchmarking tool, and the Jisc guide to Enhancing the Digital Student Experience: a strategic approach. The questions cover issues that are important to learners and/or to staff with a focus on the learning experience.

The Tracker is delivered in BOS an online survey service specially developed for the UK education sector. Institutions using the Tracker will receive guidance on implementation in BOS, real-time access to their own data, and further guidance on how to understand and respond to the findings.

You can find out more about the background to this project and the development of the Tracker here.

For more information about the Tracker please contact: : Sarah Knight or Tabetha Newman

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