Guidance for institutions

Welcome to the guidance page for the Jisc digital student experience tracker. This page walks you through the entire process with a Guide for every stage. You can access the Guides directly from the list below or scroll down for a walk-through of the process.

If you are not signed up to run the tracker in 2017-18, you need the tracker home page for general background and information. If you are based in a non-UK university you may want to visit your own landing page for non-UK universities first. If you are one of the institutions running the teaching staff survey, head over to our special  guidance page for the teaching staff pilot instead.

Guides and resources

Other useful information

The process

You can find out more about the pilot process for 2017-18 from the pilot page. A visual outline of the process is shown here (please note that the dates are specific to the 2017-18 pilot).

Click through for a step-through of the tracker process

For a more detailed walk-through, linked to the guidance, follow the table below:



Contact other stakeholders at your institution.
Decide: Why should we use the tracker?  What do we want to achieve? What resources will we need?
Apply to be part of the Tracker pilot 2017-18
Frequently Asked Questions
Question set (HE) in BOS for you to review (also a pdf version to share)


Plan when you will launch the Tracker, how you will encourage learners to complete it, and what you will do with the findings.
Decide which version(s) of the Tracker to run.
Complete confirmation form, providing institutional data as requested.
Guide: Planning to use the tracker v17-18
Guide: Customising the tracker v17-18

Set up

Receive a link to the master survey(s) you have requested.
Copy and customise the survey(s) in BOS
Check your survey(s).
Check your data protection and management arrangements.
How use the tracker in BOS v17-18
Guide: Customising the tracker v17-18
Data protection statement

Launch & promote

Send out URL or email invitations giving learners access to your survey(s) in BOS.
Put in place your plans to encourage learners to participate.
How use the tracker in BOS v17-18
Guide to uploading student data
Guide: Engaging your learners v17-18

Close & access data

Log in and view the data in real time
Download the summative report and raw data (available immediately you close the survey(s))
Download benchmarking data (available after the close of all surveys in April 2018)
If relevant, import into your chosen analysis software e.g. excel, nVivo, SPSS etc
How use the tracker in BOS v17-18


Analyse your data in BOS or download and analyse in an external system.
Compare your data with others in your sector.
Work with other stakeholders including learners to understand what your findings mean.
How use the tracker in BOS v17-18
Data mapping guide v17-18
Guide: analysing your data v17-18
Question by Question Guide v17-18

Report & respond

Identify priority actions in response to the findings.
Plan to implement those actions.
Communicate your responses to all stakeholders, especially to learners.
Guide: Engaging your learners v17-18
Crowd-sourced Guide: Responding to your findings (not updated)
Digital student exemplars and Tracker case studies (updated)
Digital student benchmarking tool


Complete Jisc evaluation survey in BOS, reporting on your experience of using the Tracker.
Engage with any other evaluation activities as requested.
Assess how well the Tracker has met your original goals for your organisation.
Link to evaluation survey