Guidance for institutions

Welcome to the Guidance page for the Jisc digital student experience tracker. This page walks you through the entire process with links to detailed guidance along the way.

The Guides are in the process of being updated for 2017-18. You can still access last year’s Guides but please be aware that there will be some changes to the tracker survey and to customisation options, and that these will not yet be reflected in the guidance.

Joining the 17-18 cohort
If you’d like to be part of the 2017-18 Tracker project, you (or a designated institutional contact) must sign up online before the end of September 2017 to express your interest.

You will receive further information during September and October 2017. A second sign-up form will collect more information about your organisation and will allow you to confirm which surveys you want to use (HE, FE, and/or online learners). This is to help you plan the process, engage your stakeholders, ensure a representative sample of students respond to the survey, and set you up for success.

From October 2017 your unique survey(s) will be uploaded to your Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) account and your named contact will receive an email to say that they are ready.  You can customise these to your requirements and make your survey(s) live to learners at any time from October 2017 to April 2018.

You will also be added to the Tracker pilots Jiscmail list that allows you to share ideas and experiences with other participating institution, and that gives you first access to new resources and FAQs.

The pilot process – overview

  Actions required
What guidance is there?


Contact other stakeholders at your institution.
Decide: Do we want to use the Tracker? Why? What do we want to achieve? Who will lead the project?
Apply to be part of the Tracker pilot
Frequently Asked Questions
Copies of the three question sets (HE, FE and online) 


Plan when you will launch the Tracker, how you will encourage learners to complete it, and what you will do with the findings.
Decide which version(s) of the Tracker to run.
Guide: Planning to use the tracker (fully updated for 2017-18)


Receive a personalised link to your own survey in Bristol Online Surveys (BOS).
Customise the Tracker to meet the needs you identified at the planning stage.
Guide to using the Tracker
Guide to Customising the Tracker


Send out a single URL giving your learners access to your customised survey in BOS. Put in place your plans to encourage learners to participate. Guide to using the Tracker
Guide to engaging your learners (fully updated for 2017-18)


During the live survey you can log in and view the data in real time.
As soon as the survey has closed you can download the summative report and raw data.
Guide to using the Tracker


Analyse your data in BOS or download and analyse in an external system.
Compare your data with others in your sector.
Work with other stakeholders including learners to understand what your findings mean.
Guide to using the Tracker
Guide to analysing your data
Guide: understanding your data question-by-question


Identify priority actions in response to the findings.
Implement those actions.
Communicate your responses to all stakeholders, especially to learners.
Guide to engaging your learners (fully updated for 2017-18)
Crowd-sourced Guide: Responding to your findings
Digital student exemplars and Tracker case studies (updated)
Digital student benchmarking tool


Complete Jisc evaluation survey in BOS, reporting on your experience of using the Tracker
Engage with any other evaluation activities offered.
Link to evaluation survey