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Digital student – what have we learned?

As part of the online learners’ study I was asked to write a short review of what the previous studies have taught us. Of course there is no substitute for engaging with that work, especially as each team took a different focus. The original HE study considered learners’ transactional and transformational engagements with technology, and … Read more

Where did they get that idea from?

Last month we published a report which investigated incoming students’ expectations of the digital environment and how these were formed or influenced by school. The report can be found here. At the time I blogged about the study and report on the main Jisc website and then later on my own site under the title “Disconnected … Read more

Cinematic scenarios

I had the opportunity to kick-off the consultation phase of the project by running a workshop session at the ‘Supporting Educational Innovation, Partnership & Change’ event based at the University of Winchester.The session was unusual in a number of ways. Firstly, it was held in a local independent cinema. Secondly, about 40% of the participants … Read more