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Over 50,000 students, teaching and professional services staff and researchers have told us about their digital experience this year

The findings from the 2020 survey of the digital experience of professional services staff are now available, ensuring the contributions of those who play an essential role in our organisations is heard and emphasising the value of listening to and engaging with all users. When combined with the findings from our pilot researchers survey and […]

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December digital experience insights blog: gathering 2020-21 responses

Welcome to the December digital experience insights blog Congratulations on already gathering nearly 18,000 student and 2,000 staff responses during the Autumn term! We plan to analyse the data collected to 6th January to get early insights into what students are telling us. 1. Join us on Fri 11th Dec 13:00-14:00 to hear about Getting […]

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A collaborative, agile, resilient, and future-focused community

Building digital capability and digital experience insights community of practice event – 17 November 2020 The joining of two established communities of practice for building digital capability (opens in new tab) and digital experience insights (opens in new tab) services has brought new energy to the drive to transform the digital environment and the digital […]