FE Digital Student Consultation Events

Listed below are the dates that we held national consultations to develop and refine findings from the FE Digital Student Study.

15 Jan 2015 Birmingham
20 Jan 2015 Manchester
25 Feb 2015 Bristol
04 Mar 2015 Edinburgh
25 March 2015 London
23 April 2015 Swansea

These consultation events formed phase 3 of the FE Digital Student Study. Phase 1 was a desk study reviewing literature around FE learners’ expectations and needs; phase 2 involved FE learner focus groups at selected FE Colleges.

The final phase of the consultation events was open to all interested FE college staff and learners. We covered the travel costs for learners attending these events.

We were especially seeking attendance from senior managers and those responsible for deploying and supporting colleges’ digital learning environments. As with several of the consultations for the HE study these one-day events took a workshop format. There were presentations of interim findings and recommendations from the desk study and learner focus groups with activities and group discussions that aimed to obtain feedback on and refinements of those findings and recommendations.

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Email: fedigistudent@gmail.com
Twitter: #digitalstudent

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