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Findings from 2020/21 student digital experience insights surveys

Learning continued despite challenging times

At a time when learning was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, our 2020/21 student digital experience insights survey findings highlight many positives and examples of good practice to build on for the future, as well as some areas of concern.

A record number of 62,658 students from further education (FE) and higher education (HE) across the UK participated in the survey which asked learners to focus specifically on online learning and on their experiences in the two weeks immediately prior to taking the survey.

Generally, there was a positive response to online learning with many positives. However, there are also areas of concern and evidence of a growing digital divide.

What was clear is that there was strong appreciation for the efforts that colleges, universities and their staff had gone to in supporting ongoing study.

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Our 2021/22 digital experience insights surveys will open in October 2021. Find out more about your students’ digital experience and how you can participate in any of our surveys for students, teaching staff and professional services staff and researchers.

By Clare Killen

Senior consultant, Jisc data analytics

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