Skills study

Jisc has launched phase 3 of the Digital Student project which will explore the needs of learners studying in the skills sector and their expectations and experiences of the digital environment. The scope of the study covers work based learning (including apprenticeships), adult and community learning and offender learning – a broad canvas.

The approach will build on the HE and FE studies for the Digital Student project, adding to the FE literature review and conducting primary research with both learners and providers. We are currently considering concentrating on three main skills sectors: building and construction, health and land based studies, though this is still under discussion.

We are about to start the planning of focus groups with learners: there is an even greater diversity of learners than in the FE sector (and many skills learners, including apprentices, have FE colleges as their providers). During August and September 2015 we will be developing appropriate materials for use in the focus groups and the sessions will take place from October to December 2015. Once these are completed, the messages synthesised and the learner journeys documented, we move on to consultation events with providers and trialling materials. The final reporting phase is scheduled for March 2016.

The core team for the study will consist of Giles Pepler, Nick Jeans and Barry Phillips from Sero Consulting, supported by Seb Schmoller (Sero Associate). In addition, we will be looking for advice and support from external experts and key stakeholders, including FELTAG Coalition members. We welcome all contributions – you can get involved here.

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