‘Digital students are different’ posters

Students have a lot to say about their digital environment, if we listen. But behind the headline messages what they want is complex and contradictory. Different learners need different kinds of technology and technical support to succeed. And the same learners want different things at different points in their learning career. What incoming students expect is not always what they end up valuing from their digital experience at college. So we need to respect the differences among groups and between individuals too.

These posters can be used to stimulate discussion between staff and students as a way of developing a shared understanding of the complexity of these issues. The posters have been updated from their originals to reflect the emerging findings from the FE Digital Student study.

The posters  illustrate that students do not speak with one voice about their digital experience. While some messages may seem to come across clearly, like all groups of people students have complex, nuanced and diverse attitudes to technology.

Updated posters for download

Click on the image of the  poster below for the PDF of the set of posters.

Poster image


Original posters for download

These are low-resolution JPEGs: access to the high resolution versions used at live events can be obtained from Sarah Knight if required.

poster1 poster2 poster3 poster4 poster5 poster6 poster7 poster8 poster9


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