ALT Conference is here!

There are two Digital Student related sessions happening at the ALT (Association for Learning Technology) conference in Warwick this week.

On Tuesday at 11.35 in room 0.13 Dave White will be presenting outcomes of the schools report: Where did they get that idea from? Incoming expectations of the digital environment. Expect some provocative observations on how schools do – and don’t – shape incoming students’ expectations of technology use in higher education. This work is the subject of a recent post on the Jisc blog.

On Wednesday at 11.35 in room 0.18 Helen Beetham and Sarah Knight will be hosting a workshop: Postcards from 2020: scoping students’ future digital needs. If you are planning to come to the workshop, the following resources from the website may be useful:

You can download our slides to preview here. We hope to see you on the day.

We also have a parallel study taking place to look at students’ digital experiences in further education and the skills sector. If you want to find out more about this or any other Jisc projects presenting at ALT-C, visit the Jisc stand in the Exhibition area.



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