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Over 50,000 students, teaching and professional services staff and researchers have told us about their digital experience this year

The findings from the 2020 survey of the digital experience of professional services staff are now available, ensuring the contributions of those who play an essential role in our organisations is heard and emphasising the value of listening to and engaging with all users.

When combined with the findings from our pilot researchers survey and our established student and teaching staff surveys, this provides a comprehensive overview of the digital experience of many people within the FE and HE sectors.

Summaries for each survey are available for both further and higher education from our website (opens in new window), along with a full question-by-question analysis.

Challenges and triumphs

It has been a challenging year but there have also been triumphs …

There have been generally high levels of satisfaction from students in response to the quality of organisational provision and teaching staff are very highly motivated to use technology in their teaching. The importance of pedagogical learner centred approaches to technology enhanced learning and teaching is vital, along with the need for all students and staff to be digitally capable, confident and resilient. We also know that the move to off-campus learning highlighted issues of digital inequality and access and that digital wellbeing is a very broad subject encompassing the impact of learning design as well as the behaviours of users.

Context is key

As for teaching staff and students, context is important, it is just that the specific context may be different for professional services staff. All require access to the right devices, software and systems as well as support for skills development.

Taking the digital pulse

The data gained from the surveys is helping organisations to respond promptly to a rapidly changing situation and to target areas most in need.

And looking ahead, we already have over 24,000 responses to our student survey for 2020/21 and will report on these findings in the new year. In taking this more proactive ‘pulse’ approach we aim to support subscribers in their efforts to monitor and respond promptly to the needs of all students and staff.

If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to take part, please get in touch via our find out more webform (opens in new window).

By Clare Killen

Senior consultant, Jisc data analytics

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