Who can help?

There are comprehensive guides to running the tracker on our guidance pages. Please look here first.

If you are having technical problems with using the tracker, please consult BOS online help in the first instance. If that does not solve your problem, contact tracker support. You’ll receive a response as soon as possible, and always within three working days.

Many questions about the tracker process are answered on our FAQs page. Advice is also available from our tracker community on jiscmail.

If you’re participating from a Welsh FE college or ACL/WBL provider, you can contact Esther Barrett for additional support.

If you’re from an international university or college, you can contact Helen Beetham (or your in-country champion, if you know them).

If you’re a Jisc member in the UK you can always call on Jisc’s subject specialists for consultancy and in-depth advice.