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Tracker: Alt-C workshop and phase 2 launch

After a highly successful initial pilot of the Jisc Student digital experience Tracker, we’re delighted to launch the next phase of the project. Participating institutions will use an updated and extended Tracker to gather data about their learners’ digital experiences and expectations, and compare the results with others in their sector. The Tracker is now … Read more

#OLsuccess: into the weekend

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in #OLsuccess this week, whether you have taken our ten-minute survey , contributed to our #olsuccess discussion forum or just been following us on twitter and storify. Because we know many online learners are fitting in their learning around busy working lives – and may be online … Read more

#OLsuccess Day 5: round-up

Yesterday we asked about help and support for online learning. Who supports you when you are learning online? Is it mainly the tutors and other learners who are sharing the online environment, or is it people around you in the real world (at home or at work perhaps) offering more general support for what you … Read more

#OLsuccess day 4: How do you feel…?

One of the key findings of our review of research into online learning is the importance of how learners feel about engaging online. Our key question today is How do you feel about different kinds of online learning? Do you feel inspired, supported, frustrated, empowered, isolated…?  Some questions we will be exploring include: How do … Read more

#OLsuccess day 3: round-up

For today’s round-up I’m going to focus on the tips and strategies for success that online learners are sharing in our #OLsuccess twitter stream and forum posts. Top tips mainly concern motivation and organisation, though there is also advice on how to work productively with others, and a few bits of digital know-how. To stay … Read more

#OLsuccess day 2: round-up

Twitter traffic has continued to build today, and there has been a lot of activity around the #uogapt conference as well as our dedicated hashtag #OLsuccess. You can get the full picture from storify, as usual. Much of today’s discussion picked up themes and thoughts from yesterday (lesson one: online conversations can’t be coralled into … Read more