Learner stories

Describing learners’ journeys with technology

During summer 2016 we are looking for digital learners to tell us their stories. We want to showcase some of ‘journeys’ with technology that learners undertake, using blog posts, digital images, animations, digital voice or video – whatever suits them best (see some creative ideas we generated during our Online Learners success week).

LearnersWe know there are many ways digital technologies are being used to help learners overcome obstacles and achieve their ambitions. We also know that learners have different feelings about technology in their learning lives. This is an opportunity to put some flesh on the bones of our investigations into digital learners.

We’ve been lucky to work with some amazingly dedicated teachers and learning providers through our previous studies into HE, FE, Skills, and online learners, and we’re grateful for all the contacts this work has given us. Also of course we’ve been in touch with some fantastically articulate and engaged students through our focus groups and through the work Jisc does with the NUS, The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP) and the Change Agents Network. Thank you for all the contacts we have had so far: we will be following them up in the coming weeks. Meanwhile if you are working with learners in any post-compulsory setting, or with just one learner who you feel has an exciting story to tell, please get in touch with us (see below). We will take it from there.

The learner journey team are Helen Beetham and Ellen Lessner, both longstanding consultants to Jisc and with particular interests in the learning experience. Ellen was until recently Coordinator of the Jisc Change Agents’ Network, and Helen has worked on other aspects of the Digital Student programme.

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