December digital experience insights blog

Welcome to the December digital experience insights blog post. These monthly blogs provide general tips and advice on how to run the insight surveys, latest best practice and guidance, as well as the latest news in and around the area of staff and student digital experience insights.

  1. New online webinar – getting started for colleges – 15 January 2020

Have run your insights surveys yet? Spring is often the best time for colleges to run them. Why not plan to run the surveys around the 11 February 2020 on safer internet day?  Find out more and celebrate globally with the theme: together for a better internet here.

The insights surveys team will host a Zoom webinar between 12:30 – 1.30 on the 15 January 2020 to discuss how to get the most out of the surveys and answer any specific questions you may have about running your insights surveys. To join the meeting you just need to click on this link here on the day. Please let us know if you have any questions or topic areas you’d like to be covered in the webinar by either emailing (putting ‘insights surveys’ in the subject line) or calling 0300 300 2212 07:00 – 00:00 (Monday – Friday). Note, as well as emailing Jisc you can also ask the community using the JISC-DIGITALINSIGHTS-COP@JISCMAIL.AC.UK list. Click here to join.

  1. New guidance pages now available online

The new guidance pages are now available on our website. These can be found here.

Much of the guidance has stayed the same, but some sections needed updating in places due to the new question sets, as well as new clarifications in response to questions and queries we received from you during the past year.

Note that the guidance now includes information on:

  • Incorporation of guidance for the new professional services staff survey (alongside existing student and teaching staff survey guidance)
  • Which of the surveys your different students and staff should take
  • How to amend the VLE page guidance so you can now name the specific VLE system you use within your organisation
  • Link to a new PowerPoint presentation which you can use internally with your key stakeholders/senior management that outlines the main features of the insights service

We are currently working on updated materials so you can visualise and present your results more easily. These will be available very soon.

  1. Sign-up now for the digital experience insights service

We strongly encourage you to sign-up as soon as possible so that you can start to plan your student and staff engagement and have more flexibility as to when you can run the surveys (and ensure they don’t clash with other institutional surveys also being run throughout the academic year).

If you would like to subscribe so you can run the 2019-20 insights surveys, please complete this short form here (opens in new window).

For those that have signed-up and received your ‘getting started’ form, we encourage you to complete and send back these forms as soon as possible so that we can release your master copies of the survey and you can get going with these.

  1. Share a photo of the launch of your student survey!

As we mentioned last month we would like you to share a photo of the launch of your survey. As you can see in the photo below, Staffordshire University’s launch certainly went with a bang! There will be a prize for the best photo.

Can you better the dramatic launch by Staffordshire University? If you could send your photos to and we will publish the best survey launch photo in the January blog.

  1. Next digital experience insights community of practice – SAVE the date: University of Northampton 21 May 2020

The next community of practice will take place at the University of Northampton on the 21 May 2020.  For the first time this will be a joint event, bringing the digital experience insights and the building digital capabilities communities together.

If you have any ideas for sessions you’d like to present or would like to be presented at the event, then please email Ruth at

Details on how to book will be released in early spring, so save a place in your diary!

  1. Resources from the digital experience insights community of practice at Staffordshire University on 6 November 2019 are now available via our blog

The presentations, recordings and workshop outcomes are now available from our blog (opens in new window). We want as many people as possible to be able to access these resources. We know that not all of the presentations are fully accessible and are working with our contributors to address this. If you have any difficulties with any of the resources please email the team at (using ‘digital insights’ in the subject line) and we will do our best to meet your needs.

  1. Jisc Digifest in Birmingham on 10-11 March 2020 – why not suggest a session?

The next Jisc Digifest will be held in Birmingham on the 10-11 March 2020. Digifest is free to attend for representatives (including students and researchers) of Jisc member organisations.

The theme for Digifest 2020 is digital citizens and the call for content ideas is now open. Looking towards a future where education is an inclusive and ethical journey for everyone, Digifest 2020 aims to create a generation of learners who are confident, capable and conscientious digital citizens.

Jisc is looking for more ideas of inspirational content and practical advice for our members from colleagues across the organisation.

You can find out more information, book a place and also suggest a session here.

  1. How to add colleagues to administer your insights surveys

Some of you have asked how to add colleagues to your insight survey account. The answer is simple but requires actions from us at account level and from you at institutional level.

The exact process is as follows:

a) You send an email to (with ‘insight surveys’ in the title of the email) with the name(s) and email address(s) of those you want to have admin access to your insight survey(s).

b) We will add their email address(es) as users of the Jisc online surveys insight account (and to this mailing list). If they are new to Jisc online surveys, we will send them an invite to set up a new Jisc online surveys account. Please give us two working days to sort this out for you.

c) Two days after emailing us with your request, log into Jisc online surveys and go to the blue key icon (to the right of your insight name in the dashboard) and copy the email address(es) of your colleagues in the permissions area, one at a time and pressing save in between each.

d) Your colleagues will then be able to log into the insight surveys account dashboard (thanks to us adding them as an account user) AND see your copy of the insight survey(s) (thanks to you adding them to the permissions for your copy of the insight survey).

9. How to name your insights surveys

Can I remind you all to please include the following in your survey name: [name of your institution] [‘HE/FE/HE online’ and ‘student/teaching staff/professional services staff’] [2019/20] [insight survey]. You will need to do this for each of your surveys.

If you’re using the Welsh version, please indicate either by putting the title in Welsh or adding “(Welsh)” into the title.

By Mark Langer-Crame

Senior digital experience insights analyst

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