Covid-19 Digital experience insights

Helping you to respond to a rapidly changing situation

If you have already launched your 2020 student digital experience survey you will already have data that can help you to respond to the unprecedented speed of change the sector is currently experiencing. If you have yet to launch, there is still time to do so, but hurry, the 2020 student digital experience survey closes on 1 May.

Live data – no need to wait

And you don’t have to wait for the survey to close to monitor and explore the data your surveys are generating – your data is live and yours to use now. The national benchmarking data will be available in May but in the meantime, you can use your live data to help inform changes to the provision you offer.

You can also use any data you have from the surveys you ran in 2019 or the national benchmarking reports to help you to prepare for the next academic year.

Highly focused questions = insightful data

With students and staff working from home the focus will have shifted from on-campus provision to online access, teaching and learning and assessment. The surveys generate powerful data on topics such as:

  • What personal access do your students have to a range of technologies?
  • How confident students feel about using either mainstream or new/innovative technologies
  • How reliable and well-designed students find your digital learning environment and how easy they find it to navigate, access resources, communicate and submit assessments
  • How students are using technology on their courses, the types of activities they are undertaking, the digital apps and tools they are using and what is making the most difference to them in their learning
  • How motivated they feel to use the technology, how well supported they feel in developing their digital skills and what one thing they would like you to do to improve their digital experience

These questions will give you an understanding of the level of confidence your students have and a snapshot of the types of activity and interactions taking place, as well as how robust your services and support are. This will help you to prioritise time, effort and resources on things that will have the most impact.

Not forgetting your staff

And of course, the professional services staff survey is open until 1 June and the teaching staff survey remains open until 3 July. The data you are gathering here is also live and can be used to help shape the support you offer to your staff.

Not sure how to launch your surveys?

Read our quick six-step guide on how to launch in under an hour (opens in new tab).

Need ideas for engaging students?

Our guide on engaging respondents in your insights surveys (opens in new tab) has some suggestions but please also use the community of practice mailing list (opens in new tab) to share your own ideas and strategies, what works and what has been less successful.

Help and support

If you have any questions or need help please do contact us at (putting ‘insights surveys’ in the subject line).

By Clare Killen

Senior consultant, Jisc data analytics

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