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Digital experience insights update for May 2019

Welcome – in this month’s update:

  1. Register now for our digital experience insights community of practice event on 22 May
  2. Are you interested in taking part in our student and teaching staff expert panels?
  3. Reminder to close your teaching staff and professional services staff insights surveys by 28 June
  4. Six simple steps to get your survey launched in under an hour
  5. Tools to help you analyse and present your data

Details in full:

1. Join us at the digital experience insights community of practice event on 22 May, Birmingham

Keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Colin Bryson from Newcastle University, one of the pioneers of the student engagement movement in the UK and co-founder of RAISE (opens in new window). Colin will be talking about optimising the value of student engagement
  • Colleagues Derek Robertson from the University of Stirling and Hannah Mathias from Cardiff and Vale College who will be sharing their experiences and thoughts on the longitudinal value of insights data in informing digital developments

This is a great opportunity to share practice on approaches to gathering student and staff expectations and experiences of technology and on all aspects of implementing our insights surveys.

See our events page (opens in new window) for the full programme and details of how to register. The event is free to attend but registration is required. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

2. Only a few more days to register interest in taking part in the student and teaching staff expert panels

We’ve had a really good response from people wanting to participate in the expert panels for the student and teaching staff surveys.

There are only a few more days before applications will close. If you do wish to register interest you will need to complete this survey (opens in new window) no later than 5pm on Friday 3rd May.

The purpose of the expert panels is to:

  • Discuss how to make sense of the findings, including any that are controversial, unexpected or unclear
  • Explore what further analysis would be of value (additional analysis may not be completed in time for reporting in but will be undertaken over the subsequent months)
  • Discuss how best to communicate the findings, including headline messages for key stakeholders and opportunities for promotion, publication and presentation
  • Work with the Jisc team on recommendations for the relevant sector bodies and education providers

There will be two separate expert panels; one for the student survey and one for the teaching staff survey. These groups will contain both members of FE and HE institutions.

In terms of time commitment this will involve attendance at two, one-hour webinars. Members will be asked to review a data report before the meeting and review at least one externally-facing report after the meeting. Dates are to be finalised, but the webinars will take place the last week of May and June (for the student survey group) and end of July and first week of September (for the teaching staff survey group).

3. Reminder to close all teaching staff and professional services staff insight surveys by 28 June

A quick reminder for those who are running the teaching staff and/or professional services staff surveys this year. Both these surveys close on the 28 June so can I ask those of you who currently have these surveys open (or plan to open the surveys very soon) to set the close date to the 28 June 2019. This is important because any surveys that have not closed by this date will not be able to access the national benchmark score for their respective survey, nor have their data included in the national report.

To change the close date within Jisc online surveys, you need to find the relevant survey, click on ‘distribute’ and then ‘distribution settings’ and change the closing date to the 28 June 2019. Note you also need to click on ‘save’ at the bottom of the screen to make sure the change is made.

Please also note the closing data for Welsh further education colleges will be different so please contact (putting ‘insight surveys’ in the subject line) for further information.

Don’t forget that we have created a series of customisable poster templates to help you to promote your surveys (link opens in new window).

4. Six simple steps to get your survey launched in under an hour

We are all pushed for time so Mark’s recent post on the six simple steps you can take to launch your survey in less than an hour (opens in new window) is a valuable and timely advice .

5. Tools to make your life easier when analysing and presenting your data

Once you have completed collecting your data via Jisc online surveys, the next stage is to analyse, present and publish your results. Our handy tools will help to simplify the process for our student and teaching staff surveys. These include:

  • An Excel spreadsheet where you can drop in your data to produce graphs and tables
  • A PowerPoint presentation where you can place these graphs and tables (and much more), so you can present the results
  • Some poster templates to help publicise your results within your institution

These can all be found on our blog post some tools to make your life easier when it comes to analysing and presenting your data (opens in new window).

By Clare Killen

Senior consultant, Jisc data analytics

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