Digital Student Experience Tracker – out of the blocks!

A huge welcome to all of the 120+ universities, colleges and providers who are signed up to run the Tracker this time around. We expected no more than 60, so this is a huge vote of confidence. We’re very excited to have you all on board, including:

  • returners from the original pilot (waving!) who will be able to compare their results year-on-year and track the impact of their responses to the first student feedback;
  • specialist online providers – and mainstream providers with online learners – running our Online Tracker for the first time;
  • providers from the adult and community learning and skills sectors who for the first time have their own version of the Tracker;
  • Welsh colleges and universities who can now run dual language versions;
  • international universities, who will form their own benchmark group, and whose data will give us important insights into the experiences of students around the world.

Whether you are from one of these groups or a ‘mainstream’ user, you will shortly receive a link to your customised version(s) of the Tracker. (If you’ve signed up but haven’t yet told us which version(s) you want to use, please go to the selection form now.) From here on, everything you need to know should be available from the Guidance page, with downloadable Guides for each stage up to and including the launch of your survey. Further Guides will be published shortly to support data analysis, benchmarking, and responding to your learners’ feedback. If you have a question that isn’t answered in the Guides please try our FAQs page before penning us an email. There is a team of human beings behind the Tracker, but you’ll appreciate that we are pretty busy just now.

A huge thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on the question sets. We can’t please everyone – and we have to keep the balance between asking everything we’d like to know, and making sure learners are not exhausted! But we have made several changes that improve the flow of the user experience, the clarity of some questions, and the customisability options. We also have a couple of new issues up our sleeve for the next version.

Thank you in particular to the people who have worked so hard with us on the Online and ACL versions of the Tracker. We are really looking forward to finding out what learners in these sectors have to say.

Image: Sprinter at starting block – via Wikimedia Commons

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