#OLsuccess day 1: round-up

Phew. So we had well over 60 #OLsuccess tweets in response to our question ‘What do you like about being an online learner?’ and 45 posts in our online forum.

Here is a selection of contributions over the course of today:

‘The ability to study when I have time, fit the on-line courses into my busy schedule (work, family, voluntary work…) is probably the greatest advantage. ‘#OLsuccess tweet3

‘Nowadays I find that convenience is the most obvious benefit. With the vast amount of online courses and other resources out there in internet-land, I can pick out what I want fairly readily. I choose stuff that I can do at my own pace, mainly to fill in perceived gaps in knowledge or understanding. Occasionally I’ll find interesting material through serendipity.’

#OLsuccess forum2‘Opportunities:
– learn at your own pace.
– collaborate with others
– personalised learning
– independence
– enhances traditional learning’

#OLsuccess tweet4

‘Mainly I like it because I don’t feel pressured to be with other people, which I struggle with due to my autism. Being in an environment with noise and distractions makes learning difficult whereas learning at home I can create the best atmosphere for me.’

We’ve also had some creative contributions such as this thinglink image map from Scott Hibberson which summarises the main points made during the day. We’ll be adding a page about how to create your own #OLsuccess digital masterpiece very soon.

Early contributions to the ten-minute survey have chosen ‘convenience’ and ‘independence’ as the things they appreciate most, with other pleasures such as participating with other learners – and learning itself – receiving fewer votes. Why not take the poll yourself and tell us what you think?

If you want to read the whole story, catch up with our storify account – and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a whole new conversation.

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