November digital experience insights blog – launch your 2020 surveys


Welcome to the November digital experience insights blog post.

We hope you are all well and acclimatising to your lockdown status whatever it currently is!

1. If you haven’t done so already, please complete your getting started form that was recently emailed to institutional contacts so that you can get up and running the surveys. We know that universities and some colleges prefer to run the student surveys in the autumn term to avoid clashing with the NSS. If you can’t find your form, please email (putting ‘insights surveys’ in the subject line) and we will re-send it.

We are especially keen for you to get in touch with if you would like to run the researcher survey or interested in any collaboration around this topic.

See our guidance on 2020/21 getting started in 10 simple steps (opens in new window) which will show you how to run the surveys once or multiple times in the current academic year.

Please email me if you are planning to run the surveys more than once so that we can better support you and plan our national analysis.

2. Register for 17 November joint digital experience insights and building digital capability community of practice online event  (opens in new window)

We are proud to co-host this event with The University of Derby and look forward to the keynote Digitally dynamic: building the best of blends by Julie Stone (associate pro vice-chancellor of external affairs and director of online learning) Fiona Shelton (head of the centre for excellence in learning and teaching) and John Hill (head of library and digital learning).

We will also be sharing the key findings from the 2020 teaching staff survey.

3. Welsh post 16 project (opens in new window) – restarted.

If you are a Welsh further education (FE), adult and community learning (ACL) or work-based learning (WBL) provider, please just contact your account manager or email to let us know you would like to take part.

If you have any questions/need help please do contact us at (putting ‘insights surveys’ in the subject line).

By Mark Langer-Crame

Senior digital experience insights analyst

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