December digital experience insights blog

Welcome to the December digital experience insight blog post! These will be monthly blogs that will provide general tips and advice on how to run the insight process, latest best practice and guidance, as well as the latest news in and around the area of staff and student digital experience insights.

Digital insights developments

  1. Introducing the team

The digital insights team are here to support you through the survey process. If you have any questions just address your email to them and send to (putting ‘insight surveys’ in the subject line).

Sarah Knight

Sarah is the head of change in the student experience team at Jisc and also the service owner for the digital experience insights service. Sarah is also responsible for the digital capability service ( You can find out more about Sarah here (

Ruth Drysdale

Ruth is the service manager for digital experience insights and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the service. If you want to find out more about the insights service, please contact Ruth. You can find out more about Ruth here (

Mark Langer-Crame


Mark is the senior digital experience insights analyst and is responsible for carrying out the analysis and presentation of the main sector wide reports. Mark will also be supporting and advising institutions on the whole survey process from beginning to end, to help ensure you are all successful in running your insight surveys.

Clare Killen

Clare is the content curation manager for the digital experience insights service so will be responsible for editing all guidance, materials and reports, gathering and writing case studies, as well as being responsible for the website to ensure all written materials we produce are clear, understandable, easy to use, as well as timely.

Darren Colquhoun

Darren is the Jisc online surveys client support officer and is responsible for our online survey system, which is where we hold all our surveys. Darren is on hand to help if you have any queries about your surveys within the system.


  1. Findings from the pilot of teaching staff in UK further and higher education

We are delighted to launch the report ‘digital experience insights survey 2018: findings from the pilot of teaching staff in UK further and higher education’ which is available from

Also to note, the report on findings from student insights pilot in Australia and New Zealand will be published in January 2019.


  1. Get involved – new digital insight surveys in development!

Jisc are working hard to ensure that the digital insights service continues to meet your needs by developing additional surveys:

Professional service staff – to compliment the teaching staff survey, members have requested an equivalent survey for professional service staff so that institutions can see a fuller picture of how their digital environment is being experienced by more users.

TNE students – do offshore students get an equivalent digital learning experience as their UK peers? You can find more information about our 2019 TNE pilot here

Researcher – Does your digital environment support your researchers’ needs? This is a more complex question than it might first appear, and we are looking for UK and international universities to work with us to unpick what this means. You can find more information about our 2019 research pilot here

If you’d like to help develop question sets and/or be part of the pilots for any one (or all) of these new digital insight surveys then please get in touch with Ruth at


Upcoming events:

  1. QAA Data Matters – using data to improve the student experience conference– 16 January 2019

The digital insights team (along with the Royal Agricultural University and London South Bank University) will be presenting at the QAA Data Matters – using data to improve the student experience conference on the 16 January 2019.

The conference will offer the opportunity for data practitioners, quality professionals and digital service specialists to discuss topical issues around data and its use in higher education and there is a really interesting range of talks to choose from. More information and booking details can be found here


  1. Date for your diary – new digital insights community of practice webinar – 23 January 2019

We will be holding a new digital insights community of practice webinar on the 23 January. This will be an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions to digital insights members of staff, as well as the wider community of practice in an open format session. More details to follow soon.


  1. Date for your diary – 2019 community of practice event – 13 June 2019

The next community of practice will take place on 13 June 2019 so please do add this date to your diary.

If you are not already signed up to the insights community of practice mailing list please subscribe by visiting

The aim of this community is to further our understanding on how to effectively engage staff and students in the development of their digital environment, and to facilitate the sharing of practice and approaches across colleges and universities.


Information/presentations from past events:

  1. Materials from insights community of practice launch event

Thank you to all those who participated in the recent launch event for the digital insights community of practice. We are pleased to share with you a blog post from Mark Langer-Crame summarising the event which is available from

In addition, all the presentations and recordings from the day are also available from the events page:  and show how insights is informing the digital developments of colleges and universities across the UK.


  1. ALT/Jisc digital insights webinar

Helen Beetham and the digital insights team presented the findings from both the student, as well as the teaching staff digital experience 2018 surveys as part of an ALT webinar. A recording of this can be found here


Hints and tips in using Jisc insight surveys

  1. Getting started on your surveys

For those of you who are about to start on your surveys (and for those who are starting to think about it), this guidance is an essential starting point, covering topics such as thinking about your rationale for using the insights service, establishing working groups, resources in terms of time and people and deciding who you want to survey (


  1. How to add colleagues to your insight survey

Some of you have asked how to add colleagues to your insight survey account. The answer is simple but requires actions from us at account level and from you at institutional level.

The exact process is as follows:

  1. You send an email to (with ‘insight surveys’ in the title of the email) with the name(s) and email address(s) of those you want to have admin access to your insight survey(s).
  2. We will add their email address(es) as users of the Jisc online surveys insight account (and to this mailing list). If they are new to Jisc online surveys, we will send them an invite to set up a new Jisc online surveys account. Please give us two working days to sort this out for you.
  3. Two days after emailing us with your request, log into Jisc online surveys and go to the blue key icon (to the right of your insight name in the dashboard) and copy the email address(es) of your colleagues in the permissions area, one at a time and pressing save in between each.
  4. Your colleagues will then be able to log into the insight surveys account dashboard (thanks to us adding them as an account user) AND see your copy of the insight survey(s) (thanks to you adding them to the permissions for your copy of the insight survey).


  1. How to name your insight survey(s)

Can I remind you all to please include the following in your survey name: [name of your institution] [HE/FE/HE online/FE online student and/or teaching staff] [2018/19] [insight survey]. You will need to do this for each of your surveys.

If you’re using the Welsh version, please indicate either by putting the title in Welsh or adding “(Welsh)” into the title.


  1. Creating test / practice surveys

Some of you have created a test survey to practice with. Please can we ask that once you have finished with this you delete it, as we can see all insight survey copies made in this account, and we need to clearly find each of your “real” insight survey(s) in the master dashboard in order to put you in the right benchmarking groups.



By Mark Langer-Crame

Senior digital experience insights analyst

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