#OLsuccess day 5: what helps you succeed…?

Welcome to day 5 of #OLsuccess week

Today we want to explore what helps you succeed as an online learner, looking at what kinds of support you need or what features of a course or learning experience help you most.

Some questions we will be exploring include:

  • What informal support do you have, i.e. people who help you to learn online (friends, family, people at work, other learners…?)
  • Does anyone help you with the technical aspects of learning online?
  • What academic support do you have for learning online (if you are studying a formal course)?
  • What features of your learning environment do you like using most?
  • If you had to remove/lose one thing from your online course, what could you do without?  or What would you add?

We had a tweet last night from a student that highlighted the importance of support and guidance which we hope will stimulate some discussion today.


How can I get involved?

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By Lou McGill

synthesis consultant

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