Concepts for the digital student data service

Following the consultation with representatives from further and higher education in April on the potential for a digital student data collection and analysis service, Livework have produced 7 different concepts on how Jisc could develop a service for institutions to gather and analyse student data, based on the outputs and ideas generated by the consultation workshop. You can access the concepts here.

Background to this project:
Following recommendations from phase 1 and 2 of the Digital Student project, Jisc is exploring the development of a prototype service to support the collection and analysis of data on student expectations, experiences, attitudes and satisfaction with digital technologies in their studies in UK higher and further education. The service would make it easier for universities and colleges to collect and analyse student expectations and experience data using well-designed and robust questions, and would enable institutions to compare their data internally (for example by faculty or campus) and with other aggregated, anonymised institutional profiles.

Jisc digital student data service workshop
Jisc digital student data service workshop

Feedback on the concepts

We have conducted a series of interviews with staff from further and higher education in relation to these concepts, and we welcome further feedback on the following questions:

• What are your first thoughts about each concept? Is the concept interesting for you? Why/why not?

If interesting:

• What do you think this concept solves regarding students expectations and experiences of technology?
• How would this add value for your institution?
• Who do you think the service would involve in your institution?
• Are any important actors missing? Who?
• How would this impact you institution? How could that be measured?
• What do you need to know about this service to use it/or convince the institution?
• How easy would it be to adapt and use it?
• Is it feasible?
• Do you know about a similar service or initiative that already exists? Are you already using that? Why/why not?
• How could it fit/be complimentary to existing surveys such as NSS?
• Any other comments, thoughts, ideas to improve?

Please email your feedback and ideas on the concepts to Sarah Knight ( and Cathrine Einarsson ( by 8th June.

The collated feedback on the concepts will be shared in a future blog post.

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