Student/Learner digital experience tracker – pilot

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For a step-by-step guide to the pilot process and access to relevant resources please go to the guidance page.

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About the tracker

The Student/Learner digital experience Tracker enables colleges, skills providers and universities to:

  • gather evidence from learners about their digital experience, and track changes over time
  • make better informed decisions about the digital environment
  • target resources for improving digital provision
  • plan other research, data gathering and student engagement around digital issues
  • demonstrate quality enhancement and student engagement to external bodies and to students themselves

The tracker is based on a concise set of questions which have been tested with HE and FE students for readability and ease of response. It builds on resources such as the Jisc/NUS Digital Student Experience benchmarking tool, and the Jisc Guide to Enhancing the Digital Student Experience. The questions cover issues that are important to learners and/or to staff with a focus on the learning experience.

Institutions using the Tracker in this pilot phase receive an institutionally tailored version of the tracker in BOS with guidance on set up, implementation and student engagement. Once students have submitted their responses, institutions have access to their complete data set – with all the analytical tools of BOS – along with a summative report on data from other institutions in their sector. Guidance from Jisc will support interpretation of the findings and advise on response actions and next steps.

The beta version of the Tracker has been extensively researched and tested and is ready to use with students.

Setting up the pilot

Successful applicants to joint the pilot process have completed a series of questions about their aims, their learner cohort, and how they will carry out the survey process. They have considered how to engage stakeholders with a range of responsibilities, including:

  • IT systems and resources: IT managers, heads of library, learning resource managers…
  • Learning and teaching: e-learning staff, curriculum leaders, quality staff, educational developers…
  • Student experience: students themselves, student union/course reps, student experience staff, learner engagement staff, access and inclusion staff, careers staff…
  • Senior managers and governors

If you would like to replicate this process you can download the relevant resources here:

Download the Tracker planning sheet for discussion and note making.

Please note that answering these questions now will not qualify you to join the pilot. If you are not involved in piloting you can join the list and keep checking this page for resources and information about how the project is progressing.

For more information contact: Sarah Knight or Tabetha Newman