On this page we are sharing materials developed during the consultation process, and outcomes from the consultation events. All are freely available for download and re-use.

FE Digital Student Study – Key outputs

HE Digital Student Study – key outcomes with links.


Materials for download and (re)use


Outcomes from consultation events

  1. Further research/things we still need to know: Feedback ALT Group 1
  2. Engaging students:
  3. Responding to students’ expectations: Feedback ALT Group 3
  4. Designing digital experiences: Feedback ALT Group 4

We used a Padlet to collate ideas about how institutions should respond to these issues, and a twitter hashtag #digitalstudent.

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[…] The digital student project has also delivered many messages of key relevance to staff digital practices and institution-wide digital capability. A starting point is this blog post summarising what we know about students’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment. The digital student blog is packed with useful reflections and resources, including a full list of the project outcomes. […]

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